Signaling arrow FL1-L21220

  • Signaling equipment to advertise the presence of a work area and indicate to road users in which direction they circumvent it.
  • Marketed for over 15 years in North America and in extreme conditions of use: temperature between -50°C and +40°C.
  • Certification to CE standards.
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General specifications

  • Robust & exible power cable for easy installation
  • The standard cable length is 6 meters (Custom length available)
  • Continuous light source assembly with 14 optical blocks
  • Choice of halogen or LED light units
  • Option of standard 15W halogen optics
  • Option of LED optical blocks (light-emitting diodes) for a better performance and lower energy consumption
  • LED optical blocks with integrated regulators to maintain a constant brightness under a power range between 10 and 18Vdc
  • Made of weather-resistant plastic
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