Flashing lights

Econo LED MinibarMC

Econo LED Minibar
  • Fully waterproof and vibration resistant, this LED Minibar is the most economical in its class.
  • The Minibar design offers superior 360┬░ output that meets SAE and CA13.

The Legion FitMC Lightbar

The Legion Fit Lightbar
  • Fully waterproof & vibration resistant, the LED LEGION FITTM lightbar is available in several lengths.
  • Its design meets SAE & Class I standards.

LED Beacon with embase hampe B14MC (77323)

LED Beacon with embase hampe B14
  • Equipped with a dust-proof lens and a shaft base, the 10-LED beacon is usually installed on agricultural vehicles or other vehicles. Its 10 LEDs of 3 Watt offers a very powerful brightness. It meets SAE and Class 1 standards.
  • CE certified.